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Stitch It! The show that makes you feel alive.

Winner of The Bobby Award,

This is a physical theatre solo show without words for adults,

created in a unique style of movement - Butomima,

that fuses butoh with mime.

Lewis guides the audience through a woman’s journey

from childhood to childbirth, ageing, and death.

It is a visual poem triggering memories and emotions,

thoughts and dreams.















Broadway Baby Review

There aren’t enough positive accolades in the English language to describe how utterly magnificent this piece of physical theatre is.

A porcelain doll, or a clown, or a waif-like vulnerable little girl. Lewis is all these things and more as she takes us flawlessly through her solo performance Stitch It! 

Total Theatre review

The Teatrería of abrego
Nelly Lewis (United Kingdom)
It happened again.
A small miracle before our eyes.
Stitch to stitch.
Moment to moment.
Biography of a memory for coming.
Little by little... a life stitched... drawn... without losing thread...
Who needs words when you "sew" so well?

Perfect end to a magnificent specimen.
100 % recommended.

Aureo Gomez

Nelly's workshops-

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